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"farming tales from our grandparents of a life working the land had not fallen on death ears"

Our grandparents had spent years working the land in the Puglia Region of Italy. And it was during this period of our family’s history that our grandparents were able to build a large-scale agricultural farm specialising in wheat and olive oil production. However, even after all they had accomplished, our ancestral home of Abruzzese had never left their dreams.

So when the opportunity arose to return to Abruzzese our family swiftly made the decision to move back. Years had passed and our family’s area of expertise had shifted from agriculture to media services and commerce. However, the farming tales from our grandparents of a life working the land had not fallen on death ears. Tales of a life where the love of nature and the love of animals would resonate in our minds. It seemed our family’s bond with the land, our bond with nature still had one more card to play.

It was the late 90’s and as a family, we had decided to return to a simpler life. A life where we could disconnect from the modern pitfalls and stresses of modern-day living. We wanted to return to a more sustainable way of living. Furthermore, as a family, we wanted to provide the best living environment not only for our family’s younger members but also our elderly parents and grandparents.

So, it was then that we purchased an old tiered building in desperate need of renovation and love. Perfectly located on the hills of San Giovanni, this farmhouse was immersed in nature and blessed with tranquillity and silence.

Hence, our small farm was born. “il casaletto”.

Today, grapes, honey, wheat, and a variety of vegetables are all cultivated at our small little farmhouse. Enough to make our dreams a reality. Enough to even sell in small quantities.

Almost 17 years have passed by since we first laid eyes on our little farm. The memories and experiences have shaped our family and continue to influence our lives to this day.

As a family, we are all very sociable, always happy to please, always happy to help. So, we wanted to share our experiences, share our little corner of Italy with the world.

So in 2015, yet again we renovated our little farmhouse. But this time to accommodate guests. Our goal was simple. We wanted to recreate a place that resembled us as a family, welcoming and authentic. But with the desire to share with people the beauty of nature. Our aim was to create a guest house that would take you away from everyday stress and help you find the tranquillity that only nature can provide.

After all, this is what we found as a family and we would like to share this with you. Even if it’s just for a day or two.

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